99 Cent Only Store Finds (Huge Savings)

99 cents only

I headed out to the 99 Cent Only store on Monday and found some great deals. I try to make it over there at least once a week. I know I will always get a great deal on bread, so it’s worth it just for that.

The great thing about hitting this store once a week is that the items you find will generally be different. Last week I went and didn’t see much in the way of ice cream, but this week, their freezer was full of Breyers Ice Cream for $0.99.

99 cent only store 99 cent only

Check out the goodies I found this week! 

12.3 oz Frosted Toast Crunch – $0.99
Reynolds Pre Cut Foil Wrappers 25 ct – $0.99
Quaker Granola Bars 8 ct – $0.99
Cascadian Farm Organic Granola Bars 6 ct – $0.99
Fiber One 90 Calorie Bars 5 ct – $0.99
Ball Park Buns -$0.99
Iron Kids, Sara Lee Bread – $0.99
Sara Lee Bagels – $0.99
Lever 2000 Body Wash – $0.99
Avery Sticky Notes – $0.99
Off Patio & Deck Refills -$0.99
GE Ultra soft light bulbs $0.99
Total Raisin Bran Cascadian Farms Cereal, Corn Chex Cereals – $0.99
Breyers Ice Cream – $0.99
Outshine Fruit Bars -$0.99



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