Give Your Bathroom a Face-lift on a Budget

detail custom tile work bathroom double vanity

Does your bathroom need a face-lift? Is your budget small? Check out these tips on how to give your private space the face-lift it needs without breaking the bank.

Start this project by giving your bathroom a deep clean. Throw away things you no longer need. Organize all the necessities you plan to keep in the bathroom. Pick up clear bins or totes for items going under the cabinets or in drawers to help keep them organized. You can find some great decorative containers at different dollar stores. Dollar Tree is jam packed with cute accessory holders and baskets.

Paint – Change up the color. Look in the “Oops” section at all your local paint stores to find some discounted colors that will add spice to your washroom. Just by switching the color on the wall you can give your bathroom a whole new look. Adding crown molding can make a bathroom gorgeous and look brand new. Consider refinishing the cabinets. You can paint most cabinets or sand them down, then add a new color of stain to freshen them up. When painting it is best to use a gloss or at least semi-gloss paint that is made for bathrooms, kitchens and other moist areas. Semi-gloss paints are easy to clean and the ones that are made for bathrooms are usually mildew and mold resistant.

Accessories – Get a new shower curtain and rings to go with that awesome new paint color. Look into getting a curved curtain rod to add more room inside your shower. While your at it get a new bathmat to pull it all together.

Art – Add some art pieces to the walls or maybe a little flower on the counter to add some extra kicks of color. Wall decals are also a nice touch to add a little more to the look of your bathroom.

The Mirror – Is your mirror looking a bit dated or just boring? Trade it out for a new mirror or give the current mirror a new frame or just paint the old frame to give it a fresh new look. Shop at thrift stores, garage sales or estate sales for frames. You will be amazed at what you find.

Bathtub – If your bathtub isn’t looking to good these days consider getting a tub liner installed over the old tub or have the old one refinished.

Fixtures – Updating the fixtures can make a big difference in the overall look of the bathroom. Don’t forget to update the door knob to match the rest of the bathroom’s new look.

Lighting – Flip old dated lighting by refinishing them with one of the metallic paints available in most hardware stores, or swap them out for a low cost set.

Linens – Replace those old faded and torn towels to match your new color scheme. Be on the lookout for clearance items at you Target. You can save up to 70% in between seasons.

Counter tops – Replacing counter tops can be a bit more costly. However, these days you can find some smaller cuts of granite that aren’t quite as expensive. You may also find the more affordable alternative laminate materials out there as well. Contact local home builders and ask about their scraps.

Have fun with your decorating. The possibilities are endless when updating your home.

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